Laura Cerrano Certified Feng Shui ConsultantWelcome! My name is Laura Cerrano, second generation of Certified Feng Shui Experts in my family. In 2000 I became certified through the Proven Feng Shui School and in 2012 I became a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Mystery School Adept through the Center for Inner Wisdom in New York.  I have have been honored to have studied with some of the finest Masters in Feng Shui, Reiki, Shamanism and Ascension. Feng Shui Expert Carole Provenzale is my mother and first mentor in this ancient art and science, I apprenticed with her from the early age of sixteen. Utilizing my Native American Colombian heritage, blended with various spiritual traditions and healing modalities has provided me with the tools to create unique combinations of organic healing technology that offers advanced Feng Shui remedies and solutions to assist in enhancing your well-being emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I am currently teaching and mentoring students through a 9 month certification program at the Metropolitan Institute of Design, writing my first Feng Shui inspired book and are in the process of creating a 2 month cross country Feng Shui Inspirational tour, due to begin in Spring of 2016.

Who I Studied With:

Professor Lin Yun, Carole Provenzale, Denise Linn, Katherine Metz, R.D. Chin

Additional areas of studies include:

The history of Black Sect Feng Shui, Working with the Ba-gua, Bau Biology, I Ching, Alchemy, Inner Alchemy, Certified Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner, Environmental Healing with Feng Shui, Psychic and Intuitive Development, Biophilic Design,  Archetypes, Advanced Transcendental Cures, Kung Fu, Reiki, Shabd Meditation, Tai Chi, The Five Element Theory, Feng Shui in Business, Mystery School Adept, Feng Shui in Architecture, Feng Shui in Real estate and Energy Healing Certified New York art teacher, Certified Personal Trainer and completed a one month trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest.