22 Jul

Feng Shui Soul Food: Be Sure to Count Your Blessings

I may sound like a broken record on this one, but it bears repeating (again and again sometimes).  When you foucus only on the negative, you are going to get back more of the same.  Everyone has blessings, examine them, count them and as you keep those in mind, more will come.  Counted Blessings add up to more blessings coming your way and soon you will have more then you ever imagined.

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18 Jun

Feng Shui Soul Food: Count on yourself

Feng Shui food for your soul. You are stronger then you ever imagined.  Learn to count on yourself and not rely on someone else for you needs, wants and successes.  You create your own life, not someone else and you are armed with everything you need to create all the desire in your heart.  Co-dependent became a big word years ago and unfortunately still applies today.  Learn to take charge of your own life and watch what you will create!

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12 Jun

Feng Shui Insight: Segregation Amongst Hospitals

Feng Shui Insight: Segregation Amongst Hospitals

photo courtesy of U.S. News today

I have always wondered why Children Hospital’s offer a more peaceful presentation, better lay out, looks and feels more colorful, is usually better maintained and for the most part the staff and doctors are more compassionate then vs with an “adult” geared hospital.  No matter what, you are still helping a human being.

From what I have personally observed with both environments it seems our society is focused on the thought of, once a person hits a certain age range they’ll probably kick the bucket soon anyway.  Match that concept with pushing pills, which for many only subdues the symptoms, it does not cure the person.  And yes, the concept of class does play a part in which area located hospitals have a more tranquil presentation vs others. It’s a web that needs to be untangled.

The article I read from U.S News today highlighted America’s 8 top best children’s hospitals. The photo you see above is from Chicago.

Dare I say the layout and design has been Feng Shui inspired.  They literally brought the outside in with bamboo plants to offer healing energy, the curvature of the walls offers a beautiful flow of energy in that space, the glass walls allows the welcoming healing energy of the sun for those who may not be able to actually go outside for x, y, or z reasons.  Why not provide this type of tranquil atmosphere to all the hospitals?

photo courtesy of U.S. News today

The exterior of the hospital is just as important. It’s what greets that individual arriving to receive healing, care, and treatment.


The environment you work, live, and in this case heal in, is a mirroring of your internal alchemy.  If you wish to heal, it’s strongly recommended from a Feng Shui perspective to create an environment that is supportive, nurturing, tranquil, compassionate, a space that offers the energy of un-conditional love through the intention behind the arrangement of furniture, colors, textures, and artwork (word art) that surrounds that given space. The chain reaction of this environmental shift could be felt by those working in that location. The positive energy of that newly shifted space can help doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc feel more at ease and calm which creates a balanced connection with those who they are treating and helping to heal.

Change needs to happen on so many levels with this universe, world and with ourselves.  if you believe in that, it will happen, but it also requires action, teamwork, and bravery to do so.

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1 May

Breaking Through the Stereotypes of Feng Shui



When implementing Feng Shui into your home it first starts from within.  Any form of manifestation will begin with the daily thoughts that you are manifesting at this very moment.  In order for one to bring Peace of mind to self and into their home, they must become aware of the thoughts they are putting out to the universe and world at every moment.

If your approach Feng Shui with from a physical standpoint only and sticky focus on placing objects, adding colors and re-arranging furniture, change will be felt only on a physical 3-D level.  Remember you have to also balance your emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Today’s Feng Shui is beginning to reverse the stereotypical approach to Feng Shui with that of its only Interior Design.  Looking back to the source of how Feng shui began you will see it started off as a form of spiritual living and as it became translated from culture to culture the essence of this ancient practice become lost.  One needs to first set an intention(s) for the types of changes they will manifest into their life by first changing the thoughts combined with the placement of particular objects, colors, elements and arrangement of furniture to mirror their goals.  Only then will life begin to truly shift for the better. But remember, adjustment will also most likely have to be made on the metal, emotional and spiritual planes as well.

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5 Mar

Feng Shui Furniture Arrangement

If you wish to just focus of Feng Shui furniture arrangement that is just fine but keep these key very important principles in mind. As your knowledge and understanding of Feng Shui grows be open to incorporating more of the spiritual Feng Shui essence into your lifestyle.

  • Be mindful of the height and width of your furniture compared to the size of that given room.  If too large, many times people will say the room feels small or that they feel “over whelmed” or “claustrophobic” in that location.  If this is the case, take a step back, observe the piece or pieces of furniture in that room and compromise with yourself, is this piece really necessary and if so what can I do to soften the energy that it presents?
  • Be mindful of the color your furniture is coated with, if any.  Remember lighter colors will reflect more light while darker colors absorb light, there for creating a denser heavier feeling. Sometimes there may be a situation where only one piece of furniture creates a off balanced feeling. So you may want to consider down the line, when budget allows, to swap it out for a more functional piece that matches the atmosphere you wish to create.
  • Be mindful of sharp edges or angles, in feng shui we refer to this as “poison arrows,” not to sound all dramatic.  Feng Shui geared furniture loves curved or rounded edges, especially in small living quarters such as with Brooklyn, NYC, and Queens apartment set ups.  Many of those locations have interesting layouts that demand careful observation of furniture placement.  It really puts into practice of de cluttering what ever you do not need, use or love.
  • Be mindful not to block any light from your outside windows and/or entrance into that space with bulky furniture.  This is especially important with studio apartments in Manhattan or really in any urban setting.  The layout of those spaces already squishes you in so it’s important to make the most of what you have.


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