24 Jan
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I Am Frustrated My Husband Will Not Open Up To Feng Shui!



My husband is not open to Feng Shui. I have made changes, noticed a lot of great energy coming into our home but my husband is not participating with the changes. I am Frustrated my husband will not open up to Feng Shui!

K from Vermont


Feng Shui is teaching us patience (self awareness) with the process of life and it is never encouraged to push change onto another or even force it onto yourself. When that action is done, the opposite will come to the forefront. This is extremely important to take note of for is a base principle in the practice of Feng Shui. During the process we are taught to be present with what we can change in that given moment and take it day by day.

It’s important to keep in mind, just because you change the decor of your home and business does not always mean things will shift automatically. Yet for some, sometimes it does and that depends on the inner work they have been doing prior or simultaneously. You are working with your inner alchemy, emotions, mental energy and spiritual energy. Feng Shui is assisted healing to help you along your journey. There could be other steps, other people or other transformations (within yourself and/or others) that may need to happen before you can reach the intended goal(s). Its about being present with your journey. This is very important to understand and be open to.

Just take a Breath and keep moving forward.

Blessings, Laura Cerrano

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19 Jan

Feng Shui Question About Mirrors

Feng Shui Question Email:

Hello: Just read your post about mirrors. I live in a hi-rise and I removed a fabulous hollywood regency mirror because it was reflecting the view of my neighbors terraces. I want to hang it where it reflects the view of the Art Museum and city skyline but want to know do mirrors always need a table or shelf under them? I want to hang it low on the wall perpendicular to a wall of floor to ceiling glass. What say you?

Signed, PA

Feng Shui Answer:

One of the main rules of mirrors is to be mindful of what they reflect because that energy will double. The reflection will also be brought into your home.

If that reflection is going to bring a feeling of happiness then do that. Sometimes could be recommend to frame the mirror if that is possible or just allow it to free float on the wall and the decor you have around the mirror can help frame it. You do not always have to have a table in front of a mirror.

Feng Shui is not interior design, it’s about self awareness and arranging your home ultimately to reflect the happiness you have inside. I hope this helps.

Signed, Laura Cerrano – Feng Shui Expert

Response to Feng Shui Answer:

Thank you so much for “giving me permission” to float the mirror. It will reflect a beautiful (and my favorite) art work and expand the exterior view to include the city and Museum of Art.
Your help was invaluable!

Signed, PA

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8 Jan

Are Leaks Normal After Having a House Blessing In Feng Shui?

This is a great Feng Shui question to ask and the answer is, yes. Sometimes that could happen. It may seem to go against what a blessing is thought to bring; commonly the idea of good luck and good fortune.

Blessing also bring truths to the surface and when you understand the symbolic meaning of leaks, it makes greater sense. Just as with our bodies, our homes and offices also need to release.

Think of it as a back up of emotions. It is said that our homes absorb all emotions, activities spoken words and thought into its walls (its spirit) and if gone unchecked such as with a yearly blessing. That energy can build and become backed up.

If the occupants within that home have gone though years of unsettling experiences and then a blessing takes place, it is not uncommon to experience leaks, electrical malfunctions and even bodily responses to a blessing.

It is noting to be alarmed by, it is simply helping you to become more awaken to your environmental awareness and awareness of self.

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24 Nov

Signs To Help Guide You

Learning to recognize the signs sent to you with regards in how to make proper decisions, how to avoid situations that are not in your best and highest interest, or even following through with those repetitive ideas that pop into your head are all creates steps that get you closer to achieving your goals.  Some may use numerology, Feng Shui, alchemy teachings, your own culture,  Astrology or Native American beliefs, etc. Take charge of what you decide to utilize and are comfortable implementing.  When you pay attention to the signs, the world becomes that much easier to navigate and your guidance in life can be any form of metaphysical practice or religion, it’s what works for you.


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23 Oct
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Feng Shui Healing Radio Talk with Laura Cerrano

Hello Podcast Fans,

How many of you when you hear the name, Feng Shui think of interior design?

Our guest today is Laura Cerrano whose modality is Feng Shui Healing. Those who are aware of Feng Shui, most think of this as “interior design”, not as a healing modality. Laura opens up the world of Feng Shui and tells us of the many healing aspects of this work. One story is about a client who was told by medical doctors that she could not get pregnant and who, using aspects of Feng Shui to uncover emotional blockages, was able to disprove this diagnosis. Laura’s mother introduced her to Feng Shui at the early age of 16 and employed this modality to help Laura, as a teenager to deal with her inner resistance over having been adopted.

During the interview Laura shares stories to help illustrate the various ways Feng Shui can help enhance clients ranging from residential, business to large development projects. Her company is called, Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island.

I invite you to listen to this delightful expert and I urge you to pass this link on to as many contacts as you have.

May You Dwell in the Heart!

Host Tom Fuld

Feng Shui Healing Radio Interview

Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Heart of Healing on BlogTalkRadio

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