10 Mar

Interview with Womenworking.com-Redecorate with Feng Shui and live Serenely

“Have you been feeling sluggish, run-down, or out of sorts lately? If so, you may need more than a good night’s sleep to put some pep back in your step. Feng shui, a common Chinese practice, has been gaining momentum in Western cultures for several decades. It teaches you to be more mindful of your environment and how it affects your energy flow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Here, Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano shares what simple adjustments you can make in your office and home to rediscover your positive self.” -Intro by Womenworking.com

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20 Sep
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How Feng Shui Changed My Life by Emma Johnson

Nothing was really wrong in my life, yet nothing was quite right. All kinds of exciting professional opportunities kept knocking on my door but then would fall apart for various reasons out of my control. Money was getting tight, but I was getting by. I kept going out with really great guys, but not one of them was quite right for the long term. My kids were thriving, but it seemed as if we were disconnected in ways I couldn’t identify.

Then I had dinner with a writer friend I hadn’t seen in a while. He reminded me that a year prior, he’d hired a feng shui consultant. As a consummate cynic, he took the consultant’s advice with a decent dose of skepticism. Part of the process was to write down on a separate pieces of paper 17 intentions, in other words, realistic wishes or goals for his life. Each was to be placed in a red envelope. And each and every one of them, he told me over chicken tagine, had come true—including a fantastic relationship and a new job with way more income.

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26 Jul

Can Feng Shui Help you in your Daily Life?

Absolutely it can!

Those who choose to take the time to understand Feng Shui and experience it more than a form of interior design have the opportunity to be blessed with the real benefits of this ancient practice.  Feng Shui first and foremost, is a life style. It’s another tool in your belt to help you maneuver though the daily challenges of life, a another tool to give you fresh perspective on any given situation that you come face to face with.

Feng Shui teaches you how to follow your intuition, how to set positive standards and boundaries (personal power) as needed, to have discipline and focus with yourself and personal goals, to be decisive and trust yourself, to connect the energy of your heart and mind to work as one for true manifestation, and of course understand how your environment creates a profound impact on your personal energy. There is much more but this is a great start.

If anyone says, “I don’t know how Feng Shui can help you in your daily life,” then chances are they are truly not living the lifestyle or they have not allowed themselves to understand the essence of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui can Absolutely benefit and help you in your daily life.

About the author Laura Cerrano

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5 Jul

The Feng Shui Purging Process for Letting Go

Are you still holding onto those gifts, photos or any other items from past personal or business relations that no longer serve your current lifestyle of today? If so, and you find yourself reminiscing in the past and not being present in the moment, it may be time for a Feng Shui Purge.  When you implement Feng Shui into your lifestyle, transformation will take place.

For many, we all have to go through what I call theFeng Shui Purging Process.“  Others will refer to this as physical de cluttering but I’m talking more from the emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of the purging process. I will admit some areas of purging in your life can have side effects but if certain relationships in your life were extremely toxic, whether you are aware or not, the purging process will take time and will present growing pains.  This is not to scare you, it’s to share the reality of what happens when you face the truth, accept it, take action (purging) and heal.

Purging can present its self in various forms.  It usually starts with “warning signs” that the relationship you are having with that given person (s) does not settle well with you.  Something may feel a bit off or an easy question to ask yourself is, “Do I feel happy or depressed when around this person or group of people?”  By asking questions, you will receive clear and precis answers by an instant thought in your mind or even a feeling in your body.

If this is the case and you know something is off but have been ignoring the signs, you are only prolonging the process of purging and letting go, which means you are creating the feeling of being stuck.  So in reality you have no one else to blame but yourself, this is some tough Feng Shui love I’m sending your way.

Here is an example from a personal relationship perspective. If you have decided to bring an end to your relationship no matter if it was for 3 months or 5 years, get ready to purge on various levels. It’s recommended to de clutter items this person has given you, photos, letters, emails, texts, calls, voice mails and the list goes on.  Now for some, they feel that is very extreme, so it’s suggested to do bits and pieces at a time.

From a Feng Shui perspective we talk about how energy is linked to all the items mentioned above with that ex’s energy even if they are not physically present in your life, still have energy residing in those particular objects.  If you are sensitive to energy, most likely it will effect you and keep an energetic cord linked to them and you.  Until you surrender and totally let go, is only when you allow yourself to be free and move on. Also do not be so hard on yourself with rushing the releasing process, it takes time. So as long as you are taking the steps to release, that is all you need to do and in time all new opportunities and beginnings with start to present themselves.

So if you say, I still have this and that from my ex and he or she still seems to come around or is always in your thoughts or even notice that you attracted men or women who are just like your ex, it’s time to be more literal with the purging process and let everything go.

Side effects of purging from minor to extreme toxic relationships left un addressed:

  • yes most likely you will cry (healthy form of releasing)
  • you will have your good and bad days, it’s simply the cycle of releasing
  • Depending on how toxic the relationship was with the person or persons may even result in the physically action of throwing up or you may just make the motion (this is spiritual purging) Again, this is rare but tends to happen to those who allowed too much toxic energy into their life.  You never want to get to this point.

Side effects after you purge negative energy:

  • Your emotions start to balance out, you will feel greater and lighter with the thoughts that occupy your mind
  • your self esteem, self worth and self value will start to strengthen from with in and radiate out, others will notice
    you will start to break negative habits that contributed to the toxic relationships and replace them with ones that help fulfill your life goals
    you become more intuitive and listen to instincts rather then second guess and become confused
    more opportunities will open up, why? because your excepting to all possibilities
    more like minded, true hearted people will come back into your life
    more respect for who you are is shown
    do I have to say anymore! The benefits of purging and letting go of any and all negative habits, people and connections to negative resources out weights the toxic side effects.


 It was once said to me, ” I can see the amazing future you have before you, If you saw this, you would make those changes in a heartbeat.”

Remember that and let that be part of your reminder and motivation.

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4 Jul

Getting “Unstuck” in Feng Shui

Indecision can weigh us down.  We often spend so much time trying to decide what to do about a situation, we get stuck.  It is easier to do nothing and I have seen some clients that need that gentle “nudge” to make a decision and continue moving.

What can you do when faced with a huge decision that is yours along to decide? What can you do to help yourself make an important decision, know it is the right thing and let the events of the Universe help support it?

I always recommend meditation.  Although for some people it ma be difficult to initially get into that state, practice does work.  Find a quiet time for yourself each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes before bed.  Be still and try to clear your mind.  Music can help or distract us so try to see which one works best for you.  Allow things to come to you, even if they are unrelated to the problem at hand.  Many times we are “shown” things as a way of helping us to face an important decision and we need to learn to interpret what images we may be getting.

Always sleep on a big decision and never rush into something unless absolutely necessary! This is especially important for those of us that believe that “angels” and spirit guides come to us when our bodies are relaxed and open as they are during sleep to help guide us in the right direction.  Sometimes you will wake up and just Know what you should do.

For some of us, physical activity helps us release not only emotions but energy.  Releasing some of the negative energy allows room for positive energy to flow in, giving us different perspective, ideas and creativity.  Energy releasing comes in many forms, from a massage, acupuncture, to trying such alternative methods as Reiki.

Don’t  second guess your choice. knowing that you are moving again and keeping intentions set on the best outcomes will send  up the positive energy to know you made the correct decision and that you are no longer “stuck.”  Be firm win your belief that you ARE not only moving, but moving in the right direction.

Learn more about the author and Certified Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano by clicking Biography


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