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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

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How Much Effort is Required to Transform The Energy of Your Home and Self With Feng Shui?

Laura Cerrano

To segue into this question, I invite you to read a brief true story. As I was shopping at Lowe's within the garden section of the store, I came across the Clearance Rack and found various flowers and plants that have been greatly discounted because they appeared to be on their last licks of life. 

I prefer purchasing from this section because on a very practical level, you save money, and on a spiritual level, it provides a simple, yet profound lesson.  There was a half dozen annuals that seemed pretty worn down. One of the employees was standing near by and saw me pick up the batch. She stepped a bit closer to me, leaned in, and said softly near my ear, "it's too bad they are finished blooming and will not make it." And then walked away. 

I kindly disregarded her comment and whispered to the stunted pink annuals, "forgive her, she does not see the potential in your ability to grow." So, I happily adopted them, along with another wilted plant. To provide a more solid environment of nourishment, I also bought organic soil to feed the baby plants and made sure to mindfully place them within my yard that would allow the most sufficient opportunity for growth according to the amount of light needed. After settling them back into the earth, I tended to them daily for about a week. Watering them for a moment or two during the morning hours, while also checking to make sure the leaves were lifting upward and to see if the vibrancy of color was returning to the plants aura. 

I'm happy to report, the pink annuals and salvia plant have become stronger in their presence and more brilliant with the color in their leaves and blooming flowers.  Do I still tend to them? Of course, but now they are more self-sufficient and do not require as much vigorous attention. It's more about maintaining.  


Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.13.55 AM.png

From this story you can see It does not require much to encourage positive transformation. Being present and taking small simple steps is what contributes to the overall picture.  As you reach your goals for positive change, it's vitally important that you REMEMBER to maintain that beneficial energy of transformation and make adjustments as needed. In the world of Feng Shui, as you grow and develop so will your living and working environments. 


Understanding the Anatomy of Doors with Feng Shui

Laura Cerrano

Doors in Feng Shui hold significant meaning, literally and metaphorically. In short, on a practical note, they allow you to move from one room to the other. From a Feng Shui perspective, doors relate to the concept of communication. In particular, the front door is known as the, "mouth of chi." In regard to the western Feng Shui anatomy of your home, this is where all the good energy first enters and begins to nurture and animate the spirit of your home. 


Door Energetic Maintenance Checklist:

1. Make sure the door's over all presentation is vibrant and healthy looking. Meaning, there are no cracks in the door, it's not moldy, or looking like its about to fall off the hinges. 

2. Does your door become stuck when opening and closing it? When this happens, it's like saying your voice is getting stuck and could be lacking the assertiveness and confidence to speak up.  

3. Do the door knobs turn with ease? Or, do you feel resistance? In Feng Shui, door knobs relate to change. So, depending on the doors that are not functioning properly and paying mind to where these doors are located within your home, could be providing insights into life experiences that you may be open to or resisting change. 

4. Pay mind to the door knob designs. Is it wood? Crystal? Metal? Round? Oval? Narrow? I know this may sound silly, yet, when adopting Feng Shui into your home and lifestyle, it encourages you to be mindful of EVERYTHING! Right down to the subtleties of touch. 

5. Ask yourself, "Do I need a swinging door for every single room within my home?" This too may sound strange, yet, sometimes you really don't need an abundance of doors. Too many doors can make a space feel restricted and blocked. If you are able to limit the amount of doors connected to hinges, this could open up better energy flow and reduce arguments within a home. If you implement this change, make sure you remove the hinges all together and clean up the door frame. 

6. If you still need doors, but have the option of including sliding doors, that is the next best approach! This style feels much less impeding and much more breathable. Or in other words, its an easier transition. 

7. Does it matter what color you paint the doors within your home? Yes! Color conveys emotions, connects to certain elements, compass directions, and gua's on the Ba-gua map. When referring to interior doors, they can help a room feel more open and balanced. There's a lot of variables when it comes to this topic. Proceeding with a private consultation is best as each person's intention for change and home is unique. 

8. Observe the shape of the door frame. Most frames tend rectangular, which is just fine. If you wish to enhance its presentation a bit more, you could paint the door frame, display artwork on the walls nearest the door frame, or hang a decorative item from the center of the door frame; such as with a small wind chime. Perhaps you have an arched doorway design. This helps add even more personality! In regard to elements, the angular shape speaks to the element of wood and the curved shape speaks to the element of metal. 

9. Be sure the size of the front door proportionate to the house and overall rooms in general. Meaning, that when walking through your home, you do not feel restricted. 

10.  Most doors consist of metal, wood, or fiberglass. When it comes to this part of the discussion, some consultants may suggest certain door materials need match with certain sectors of the home and/or elements, which is one approach. At the same time, it's recommended that you are mindful of your own personal taste and the overall aesthetics of your home. Also, think about your emotional needs. If you are a person who expresses the need for more security and feeling safe, than a solid doors may be best. If you are a person who is practicing openness, perhaps you combine the materials of wood and glass.