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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

About Laura Cerrano


Laura Cerrano is an adoptee from Bogota, Colombia and second generation of Certified full-time Feng Shui Experts in her family. She is a graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a double Bachelor's Degree in Art Education and Fine Arts. During those years she simultaneously studied with with some of the finest Masters in Feng Shui and Shamanism. Laura received her Feng Shui Certification under the guidance of her mother and mentor, Certified Feng Shui Master, Carole Provenzale in 2000. Carole was one of the first accredited Feng Shui consultants in America, certified and blessed by his High Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, through The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design in 1997.

This mother-daughter team established Feng Shui Manhattan in 1997 (formerly known as "Feng Shui Long Island"). In 2010, Laura was appointed President and CEO after her mother's passing.

Coming full circle, Laura taught at the Metropolitan Institute of Design in NY and offers monthly workshops throughout the country and yearly Feng Shui Certification Classes through The Feng Shui Manhattan School. She contributes weekly blog posts to her site and has been featured on Oprah Magazine, BBC Radio, The New York Times, PBS, Bravo TV's "Watch What Happens Live," hosted by Andy Cohen, The 98.3 K-JOY Morning Show, CBC Television Documentary called "Superstitious Minds," and News China Television.

Laura advises and helps hundreds on issues of personal, professional, and spiritual transformation. Her unique approach to Feng Shui has been credited with reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and has helped improve focus, sleep and the betterment of a person’s overall well-being. Laura’s services are also requested during chemotherapy and fertility treatments for complimentary healing. She is currently conducting research for her upcoming book that focuses on bridging the gap between the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui and the psychology, neurological, and physiological health benefits it provides. The intention for these collaborative studies is to establish the practice of Feng Shui as a credible form of preventive and general health care.     

Laura Cerrano with her mother and Feng Shui Mentor, Carole Provenzale

Laura Cerrano with her mother and Feng Shui Mentor, Carole Provenzale

Laura provides Feng Shui Healing consultations for residential, commercial, retail, institutional, industrial, healthcare facilities and fortune 500 companies. Her Feng Shui consulting firm spans across the United States from New York - California and international locations such as in India, Dubai and Kuwait. Every year, Laura makes it a personal goal to refine her approach to Feng Shui and study at least three new complementary healing modalities which are fused into her overall practice.

When Laura is not Feng Shui-ing or teaching, she is participating within the artist community, exhibiting her award winning drawings and paintings throughout New York and California galleries. She has been immersing herself into the world of music through Sound Healing and co-facilitating weekly drum circles. Every year she makes time to give back to various charities and non-for-profit organizations such as with Strength For Life NY

Laura is a world traveler, having trekked to the Base Camp of Mount Everest and the Denali Glacier in Alaska (where she was proposed to). For 5 years she’s been in bicoastal relationship between New York and California, recently marrying her husband in 2018 while visiting New Zealand.

Who Laura Studied With:

His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, Certified Feng Shui Master Carole Provenzale, Denise Linn, Katherine Metz, R.D. Chin, Alex Stark, Lily Rubinstein, Pierre Dubois, Peter Blum, Ron Bates, Katie Down, Joseph Schmidlin, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD, Barbara Mainguy, M.A..

Additional Complementary Areas of Study Include: 

The History of Black Sect Feng Shui, Shamanism, Ba-gua Map Theory and Practice, The Five Elements Theory and Practice, Bau Biology, I Ching, Alchemy, Inner Alchemy, Certified Reiki 1 & 2, Master Reiki Level, Certified Bodywork and Sound Healer, Environmental Healing with Feng Shui, Psychic and Intuitive Development, Sacred Geometry, Psychology, Biophilic Design, Archetypes, Spiritual Psychology, Advanced Transcendental Cures, Kung Fu, Shabd Meditation, Tai Chi, Environmental Psychology, Feng Shui in Business, The New York Mystery School, Feng Shui in Architecture, Feng Shui in Real Estate, Energy Healing, Certified Hypnosis Consultant, Certified New York Art teacher, Certified Personal Trainer.

Sample List Of Clients:

  • PBS, NY

  • Barney's Personal Shopping, NY

  • China News Service USA Bureau, NY

  • Broadway Lyric Theater, NY

  • CBC Television, Canada

  • LinkedIn Corporation, NYC

  • Columbia University, NYC

  • Silvercup Properties, NY

  • Modern Spaces Developers, NY

  • The Vista Building, NY

  • Five Towns College, NY

  • Hudson Valley Real Estate, NY

  • 18 Park, NJ

  • The Perfume City, CA

  • Bravo TV's 'Watch What Happens Live,' NYC

  • Deloitte., CA

  • CORT Furniture, NYC

  • SB Development Group, NY

  • TLC Metal Restoration, NY

  • Oliver West Apothecary & Day Spa Inc, NY

  • Wall Street Analysts, NYC

  • Nikon Corporation, NY

  • Strength for Life, NY (Non for Profit Organization fighting Cancer)

  • Long Island, NY Nassau and Suffolk County Library Systems

  • Wake County Library System, NC

  • New York Athletic Club, NYC

  • Eyes of Learning, NY

  • The Spiritual Connection Center, NY

  • Rhemedy by Rhed Therapeutic Massage, NYC

  • South Huntington Jewish Center, NY

  • Douglas Elliman: Alexander Team Real Estate, NYC

  • Town of Hempstead Cultural Arts Program, NY

  • Pereira & O'Dell, NYC

  • The Holistic Home School of Feng Shui, NY

  • Viana Hotel and Spa, NY

  • Omni Martial Arts, NY

  • Farmingdale School District (Art Department), NY

  • First In Service, NY

  • Madison Physical Therapy, NY

  • Far East Lounge, CA

  • St. Joseph’s college, NY

  • National Art Club, NYC

  • Coldwell Banker, NY

  • Laffy Fine Homes, NY

  • Los Angeles County Library System, CA

  • Scope, CA

  • Tiffany & Co., NY

  • BBC Radio Leicester, UK

  • Merits Realty Group, CA

  • Molloy College, NY

  • Baruch College CUNY, NY

  • Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty, NY

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