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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

Feng Shui Manhattan Testimonials

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Laura is a total pro. We were having a hard time feeling settled in our new apartment and she patiently questioned and listened to learn everything that was going on with us and the space. The advice she gave was thorough, enlightened, and manageable. They also made so much sense! There was an area in the apartment that was really unfinished and she gave me clear instructions that helped me make quick decisions and get it finished. We made ALL the changes she suggested, and the place feels so different now. And we are so much more comfortable.
— Katie Queen, (founder of "Q The Stylist"), New York City, NY
I came across your feature in Oprah magazine a few weeks ago and wanted to say congratulations!! I especially loved your tip about keeping all electronics outside the bedroom. So true and helpful!

You are amazing and I remember how much you helped my (now husband) and me awhile back at our apartment. Your tips and outlook have really supported us in our home :)

Thank you for all that you do!
— Devon McLeod, (Holistic Psychotherapist), New York City, NY
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Laura! Thank you so much for an amazing event! I am excited to take what I learned and apply to my home and my projects for school! You are a wonderful and inspiring gift! great job!
— Laura Nargentino (Hillside Public Library Student), New Hyde Park, NY
Laura has gone beyond home consultation and decor tips. Here sessions have opened up conversations about past experiences, goals and aspirations, and emotional blocks that are potentially stunting my personal growth. None of it planned, all of it natural conversations that come out of her gentle probing and asking about my intentions for my environment. I’ve called on her for help a few times during different relocation’s and each time she give me so much insight and clarity about my own needs and wants. In fact, I was in tears at the end of our last session. I’m excited to “claim” my new home and know with Laura’s recommended changes it will be just as successful a transition as it has been in previous apartments. I highly recommend Laura.
— Mery. V (Marketing Consultant), Chicago, IL
Laura is a great professional at what she does. Learning about Feng Shui helped me to advance further in my professional life and made my home more comfortable. I am grateful to Laura for her amazing skills and great personality.
— Tanya. Y (REL Experts LLC REL), San Francisco, CA
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Hi Laura.....
You made the class at the Bethpage library very lively & interesting..
thank you!
— Martha L. Evans, Workshop Attendee, Bethpage Library, NY
I am a holistic practitioner who strongly believes to establish and live a life full of passion, inner truth, compassion and peace we must have our everyday environment ( home & workplace) in order.

I have always been an individual who feels everything and everyone is connected somehow, and if there is disarray of any sort, it potentially will not allow your inner spirit to live to its highest potential mentally, physically & spiritually. I thank Laura Cerrano from the deepest part of my heart for her natural ability to reorganize my life in such a simple and beautiful way!!!!!

I feel a difference in my breathing and mental state. My work place / home has a stronger sense of peace and welcoming atmosphere. This allows me to be much more creative in all my endeavors. I have also noticed I have much more clarity which permits me to be a better practitioner with all my patients. Along with the fact I have much more stamina. This stamina gives me plenty of time to transition to other tasks or treat the next patient in a quick, steady unraveling way.

I truly feel it’s a combination of living my life with passion in all that I do and Laura’s insight in knowing what to do for each individual. I personally think no one is a modern, traditional, contemporary , etc art piece... we are all “whole “ in every way.

Laura Cerrano was very knowledgeable in masterfully clearing space for me!
— Flora Luyando (MSTOM, LAC, LMT). Harlem, NY
Laura was extremely focused as she went from room to room in our home. She took every bit of the surroundings in and gave some very simple, no cost suggestions that could be done immediately to help make our home more peaceful and welcoming at the end of a long day. Her gentle suggestions for decluttering made a huge difference in our overall ability to organize thus get more accomplished in less time and with less stress. About a week after her visit, I received a lengthy written assessment of every room with both short and long term suggestions. It was amazing. We made some small changes at first, simply changing the placement of a piece of furniture or area rug to make our small home feel more open. Over two years we made more changes as walls needed to be painted or furniture replaced. The most interesting aspect of the journey for me was that, once our home felt more supportive and comforting, my perspective changed to approach life and people a little differently. I don’t sweat the small stuff, let a lot roll off my shoulders, and I feel like I have more to give to others both physically and emotionally. I think the Feng Shui process goes deeper than we realize.
— Kathy Segar, (residential client), Huntington, NY
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Laura’s workshop was ‘enlightening.’ She provided information I was unaware of. Laura was engaging. The ‘simplicity’ concept is much needed in our society.
— Amanda, (Farmingdale School District Art Teacher from professional development workshop), Farmingdale, NY
I didn’t realize that Feng Shui can be incorporated so easily. Laura motivated me to think about how I can include Feng Shui in my classroom and home! Excellent presentation.
— Cara, (Farmingdale School District Art Teacher from professional development workshop), Farmingdale, NY
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Laura was very professional. She backed up everything she said with interesting data and facts. Laura had excellent credentials and a multitude of real experience in the field. Her presentation was thorough with a lot of audience participation. Laura was friendly, warm and super easy to listen to and converse with.
— Regina, (Farmingdale School District Art Teacher from professional development workshop), Farmingdale, NY
Hi Laura,
Thank you for a wonderful introduction to Feng Shui. You are a truly gifted teacher and Feng Shui expert, and I loved how your energy filled the room with warmth, creativity, and enthusiasm. I wish you the very best in your forthcoming marriage and in your career - two areas of the bagua looking very good for you!
— Nancy. K (student from Forest Hills Community Park), Wantagh , NY
Thank you Laura for being an ANGEL … in my life ~
I felt Up-lifted by the Course you facilitated (Expertly !) @ Forest City Park in Wantagh the past 2 nights … thank you for the Knowledge & Encouragement … to seek my Vision
May the angels be with you & touch your life with Love Light & Joy
— Caroline, (student from Forest Hills Community Park), Wantagh, NY
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Hey Laura
Always thinking of you as I am still adding your suggestions to the house whenever I find them. Lined the property with trees, got the dragon and turtle statues for outside, carpeted the stairs, added artwork, got beautiful concrete Fu Dogs to sit on the rock wall, chimes for doors, birdfeedeer, tied up the sink drains with red ribbon..Mostly everything you suggested is done. Currently we are decorating the meditation room and had an altar made. We have definitely felt the changes as our son now sleeps well and is much calmer. Had an artist paint some beautiful watercolor paintings of Koi fish and hummingbird feeding on hydrangeas which has a special meaning to us. We are enjoying the home more and feel more and more comfortable there. I will send you pictures as soon as I can. We really appreciate your guidance and love all your suggestions. I’m always on the lookout for items you suggested and carry my list whenever I go to HomeGoods. Thank you again.
— Kristin, Shyam, and Rithik, Monroe, NY
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Working with Laura has been an amazing experience. It completely changed the way I view my home and life, and most importantly, the connection between the two. Her ongoing guidance following the consult allows you to make changes throughout the year and still receive support. I had her come back for a second consult a year after the first, and was pleasantly surprised how much new information I received. She is knowledgeable, insightful, personable, and fun! I highly recommend her services!
— Kristin L. (Special Needs Teacher), Jericho, NY
Hi Laura. Thank you again for such an inspiring consultation. You are exactly what I was looking for in a feng shui practitioner: wise and precise! And with a heart full of courage and compassion. The clarity, calm and joy that I’m experiencing with the help of your simple yet powerful suggestions that went beyond furniture arrangement are nothing short of amazing,. My family is also enjoying the changes I’m making, and I’m just getting started. It’s no surprise your logo is a butterfly — your work is transformational! Thanks again!
— Alice Marie Bragar, Washington Heights , NY
Hello Laura! Thank you for writing! All is well thank you! I’m still working on my apartment, I haven’t let up. I have created mini projects and goals to help keep me motivated when working on different sections of my space.So with these little things it’s time consuming but I am really keeping up the momentum. I also made my third trip to housing works thrift shop to donate stuff. There is still so much stuff in my apartment though! I am really enjoying the projects though and wish I could be at home right now working on it instead of the office.I bought storage boxes for under my bed at Ikea. I got low boxes so there is still some space. I thought that would be good. I only put clothes in the boxes. So that’s set! My closet is looking great too.I have been taking photos as I clean from the same spot in my room so that I can create a stop-motion video of the project when I’m done. I look forward to sharing it with you! Your advice has really been wonderful and I’m having fun carrying it out.Thank you so much for everything especially the follow-up! I feel the impact of the changes that I’m making in my life and it’s really exciting.Thank you Laura! I hope that you’re having a great day and week!
— Colleen, Brooklyn, NY
Hi Laura, just thinking about the day of my sister’s session and how inspired I was by your work with my her - meeting my sister where she was and yet being clear in articulating your own voice. You helped open/move a lot of “stuckness” in the house, in her and in me as well. I bow to you.
— Barada. W (Founder of Reflexology by Barada), New Jersey
I’m blown away by Laura’s approach and knowledge! I called her after things in our apartment didn’t feel quite right. We went through the rooms and she gently and thoughtfully explained how to position certain items, where to infuse different colors and went over the meaning of it all. I never felt overwhelmed because she said she was going to send me a detailed report after her visit - and she did! Our apartment is transformed after following her steps and I now feel like I have feng shui knowledge I can use the rest of my life. Oh! And her text support with quick questions about artwork and positioning furniture is key. She never leaves you hanging. I highly recommend Laura for anyone looking to infuse their space with better energy!
— Devon. M, New York City, NY
Ms. Cerrano presented an excellent workshop on “Feng Shui for Your Home” at Santa Monica Public Library’s Montana Avenue Branch last week. Attendees remarked about how great and informative the workshop was. One person said that even though she had just attended the two-hour workshop, she would attend the same workshop again!
— Stephanie Archer (Montana Branch Library Program Director), Santa Monica, CA
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I continually get compliments on the office and EVERYONE who walks in feels immediately calm. And business is fantastic!! I hope to expand one day in the near future and will definitely give you a call for help.
— Miriam. P, DACM, L.Ac. (founder of Conscious Health & Wellness), New York City, NY
My first experience with Laura was for our business. We were in the process of doing some renovations to a building we recently purchased. I reached out to her because I was reading alot about Feng Shui and it made so much sense to me. She was expert I was looking for. Her extensive knowledge and recommendations made a difference in the way we saw and felt in our new space. Fortunately, our conference room was placed in the partnership area. Laura’s recommendations for the size and placement of artwork, connecting our other locations to that space, honoring our past and growth always reminds us of the positive intentions we have in helping our clients and partners.

Every office was reviewed for desk and chair placement so that everyone was in a commanding position. Laura discussed each area of the office (wealth, knowledge, helpful people etc... ) which gave us insight on who we needed to place in each office. Laura even gave us a review of our outside space. She listed all of the positives and suggested cures for anything that could be improved. We get compliments from everyone that enters our office. They are impressed by the space, but also feel very comfortable.

I reached out to Laura for a second time this past week, this time for my home. We are in the process of working with an architect and sketching plans for a big renovation. I had some concerns I expressed about my home prior to our meeting. Laura reviewed the plans, created a customized map of the areas specific to my home, and addressed my concerns as well. After our meeting and discussion, I took some time to let Laura’s suggestions sink in. I thought about my intentions, the flow of the energy I wanted to create, and came to the realization that one simple change would make all of us happier, create the space I ultimately desired, and save us about $30,000 in renovation costs! The renovation process was weighing heavily on me, but now I am actually excited to continue the process.

I highly recommend Laura for a consultation on any kind of space. Existing, renovations, or brand new construction. She is professional, thorough and has the best intentions for helping her clients tap into the chi energy.
— Ellen. Lozinski, (Owner of Comprehensive Financial), Great River, NY
Thanks Laura!! You taught us so much! You made our place feel so nice - love the energy!!
— Melissa. G, (College Student), Chicago, IL
I really enjoyed the session with Laura; she is funny, personable, quirky, and deeply intuitive, with a lot of wisdom to offer. I learned so many practical tips as well as theoretical know-how about feng shui and its application to office spaces. She gave very detailed suggestions, both verbally and on paper, as to how to maximize the energetic positivity and business building in both my office spaces. I highly recommend her and have been referring her to all of my patients!
— Jennifer Oh, L.Ac, New York City, NY
Hi Laura!

Thanks for following up so promptly with all the notes from the session - I have been busy with making the changes and the apt feels so much better already. I spent all last week getting rid of things in the apt and going through everything assuring it has a place and is organized so it already feels less chaotic and heavy. I was blown away by what you said and am so happy we met. Thanks again!
— Jamie Haro, (NCTMB Licensed Massage Therapist Performance Consultant), New York City
Thank you very much for the excellent workshop you presented at the Montana Library Branch in Santa Monica. I Feng Shui’d my room according to your chart and the energy feels much better, Thanks again!
— Judith .F-Sarchielli, Montana Branch Library Attendee, Santa Monica, CA
Dear Laura,
  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of Feng Shui with us at the libraries. Our patrons enjoyed each session and had wonderful things to say about your program.  I personally heard the most compelling reasons to date for making a nice nest for myself at home and elsewhere. Your talk was very inspiring and gracious.  The best speakers are usually the most generous with their time.  This was true of yourself, the beekeeper and aromatherapist who spoke recently as well as others. You have been so kind to our patrons to teach them how to map their own spaces.  Very cool. Thank you and have a safe trip home.
— Melissa, (Personal Development Librarian), East Regional Library, North Carolina
I just want to say, your lecture was wonderful last night. You are an excellent Communicator!!!!
— Pat .M, attendee at Eyes of Learning Lecture, Hicksville, NY
I had the opportunity to attend two of Laura’s classes this past week in Raleigh NC. Laura is professional yet down to earth. I was introduced to Feng Shui years ago however I still get confused. Laura was able to explain Feng Shui in everyday language. She was able to provide simple , easy solutions to help in all environments.

Laura was able to suggest some simple and easy examples regarding my circular stairway in the middle of the house. Believe me when I say this was not an easy feat. Laura does not try to make Feng Shui one thing for everyone. She was patient and put herself in your situation to come up with a solution. As she did with me.

Laura incorporated Physical, Spiritual and Environmental aspects in her classes. She was clearly nonjudgmental. She was patient, listened to the questions asked and tried to put herself in the persons situation.

The classes were geared for those just learning what Feng Shui is and how it can enhance various situations to more intermediate ways to enhance situations. She used slides so you were able to see the before and after using simple Feng Shui solutions.

I would recommend you attend Laura’s classes, Workshops or use her as a consultant for your specific environmental needs. You will not be disappointed.

Being a Long Island Girl living in NC I don’t get up to the city or Long Island much. I was able to take away from the two one hour classes many easy and simple suggestions that will help me . Thank you Laura for coming to NC
— Nan. A, (North Carolina Wake County Library Patron), Raleigh, NC
I normally do not write reviews, however, having worked with Laura on several occasions, this was very needed! Laura has helped guide me in the work space and in my home. She is very educated and knowledge about space, layout, energies and other Feng Shui importances.

I have seen so many wonderful improvements, and what is important, she listens and wants to be who you are, she is not there to change you but make the most of who you are in a space. She is wonderful to work with and we have recommend her to many friends and family.
— Michelle. N, New York City, NY
This is a long overdue review for Laura of Feng Shui Manhattan and her skilled, organized, and insightful FengShui consultations in NYC and NJ. I’ve hired her in 2014 for both my condo apartment in Jersey City as well as my wellness practice in West Village and most recently for a new house rental in Northern NJ.

She is beyond prompt and extremely communicative in the process for your FengShui visit. Her calm and warm demeanor is greatly assuring for your journey to improve the flow of your home and life in total with a touch of personal stories to relate to. Although I’ve dabbled a bit in the studies of FengShui, she is the real professional with a wealth of knowledge, clarity and manageable advice without getting your self immersed with complicated talismans and obscure cures.

I can’t recommend Laura enough to help address the stagnant flows of home and life as well as create more abundance in career, wealth, health, partnerships, helpful people, family and of course knowledge! Much gratitude for this gem of a woman.

PS she now also operates out of LA! For those who are bicoastal this can’t be any better!
— Judie Rhed Y. (Proprietor/Owner of Rhemedy by Rhed Therapeutic Massage), NYC
Thanks SO much for the comprehensive notes - I’m so pleased with the changes I’ve made - thanks to you!
— Arielle. C, Brooklyn, NY (Fashion designer)
Hi Laura,
Do you remember us? Well let me tell you that we do! Guess what?! We just moved again, and this time to a bigger apartment. I would like you to help me again with the new apartment. Maybe you will think that a this point we can do it our self. Well maybe, but really since you have come to our apartments we have been improving our apartments from living in a 1 bedroom, to a 2 bedroom and this new apartment is a 3 bedroom and we are seeking to open a new business -if can help us with that one too. Please let me know when you can come in. Thank you!
— Beatriz Rodriguez, Astoria Queens, NY
Laura is one of those people who through her expertise can lift your perspective to a latitude that encourages you to really look at your life’s journey beyond the now.
— Kathy Lynn Wood (Massage Therapist and Actress), New York City, NY
We really enjoyed your consultation, really glad we found you. The summary is really well done. We look forward to the next session with you!
— Leah and Dan, Astoria Queens, NY (Remodeling their entire 3 level home)
Thank you so much for doing a wonderful lengthy report with great tips and suggestions. This will be very helpful for me as I am also working hard to bring my life goals into fruition! I truly appreciate your time and care for helping me out with my goals and life transitions. I wanted to share one of my intentions has already come to light as I landed a FT administrative position. It’s a great starting point towards my HR Career goals. Thanks for your inspiration!
— Amy. L, West Islip, NY
I was recommended to Laura by a friend who couldn’t stop expressing how the energy in her home had changed and how things in her life were taking form after working with Laura. Being that I was going through a major life change, I reached out to Laura. From the first e-mail she was very professional. She listened and shared her knowledge (and she has a lot of it). Through working with her I was able to rediscover certain aspects of myself and refocus the energies in my life. Today, our home has positive energy and happiness. All our guests express how welcoming our place feels. Professional and personal goals that seemed impossible have been achieved or are within reach. I strongly believe this is all due to Laura’s guidance. She is definitely someone you want in your corner!
— Nina. K, Queens, NY
If you are looking for a Feng Shui specialist then Laura Cerrano is the person for you. Her professionalism and knowledge in this field knows no limits. She is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met and I am honored to know her. I recommend her to ANYONE who needs someone in this field.
— Debbie Walsh, Hudson Valley NY Real Estate Agent Sawhill, NY
I attended your lecture last night at Eyes of Learning Center (Feb 24th, 2017). It was very informative and I wish it could have been longer. I hope you can come back in the very near future to give us another lecture.
— Carmen Maffia, attendee from Eyes of Learning Lecture, Hicksville, NY
Dear Carole and Laura,
Just as we were losing hope in trying to conceive as a couple after several failed IUI and IVF attempts, a friend of ours suggested we contact you for a Feng Shui consultation. We were told by our doctor that it would be impossible to conceive that month and had received no treatments.

We were eager to explore yet another wholistic approach to our situation. At the time I was undergoing acupuncture treatments to assist with my infertility. After meeting with the both of you and learning the Feng Shui principles, we made some changes within our home. We felt positive energy flow that very same day. Two weeks after your visit, we received the good news that we were pregnant! We are blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. Thank you for working with us in making our dream come true.
— From our family to yours, Sue, Mike and Baby Rose (Fertility Success Story), Long Island, NY
Hi Laura, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Feng Shui presentation at the Studio City Library in California. You have a beautiful calm energy, great to be around. Thank you!
— Faye, (Studio City Library Workshop Attendee), Studio City, California
Laura Cerrano with Feng Shui Manhattan was an amazing addition to our event. Her presentation kept our guests interested and left them wanting more. She answered questions about Feng Shui thoughtfully and informatively. Our guests were raving about her unique stories, specifically the story about a women who overcame cancer with the assisted healing power of Feng Shui. Wow!
— Manya Maier (New York Athletic Club Special Events Coordinator), Central Park, NY
I just wanted to Thank You for the wonderful Jane’s Walk Hidden Feng Shui Architecture Tour through New York City. The information you shared gave me lots to think about! I appreciated your tour a lot!
— Penelope Goodfriend, (tour guide at the New Museum) NYC, NY
I highly recommend consulting or attending a class with Laura Cerrano. I am brand new to learning the purpose of Feng Shui and I will continue to incorporate the philosophy of it into my surroundings. Laura was very open and informative to any and all questions.
— Donna Smith Sims (Librarian at Oyster Bay - East Norwich Public Library), Oyster Bay, NY
Dear Laura, Thank you for sharing all the great insights about Feng Shui with me for my studio apartment a few weeks ago. It feels so much lighter in energy and the air is now positive. Now I fully understand the true art and spirituality of Feng Shui. After our consultation, I was so excited and motivated I wanted to rearrange the objects and shift the energy in my apartment and I thank you for truly going above and beyond to help me start the process the same day. You’re an excellent teacher and motivator!! Thank you again, love and light.
— Sunita .S, Staten Island, NY
Laura is an inspiration! She is a knowledgeable Feng shui consultant and interior design professional who helped me transform and rejuvenate my living space. She gave me tips, simple suggestions and spent time to access my space in person. Soon after I received an email with detailed notes and photos that I know took hours for her to compile. The changes were simple to make and the outcome was great. Laura cares about her clients and is an inspiration. I’m very pleased with the changes I have made and my space feels much better now. I’d recommend Laura to anyone seeking to improve their home environment.
— Susan. D (Videographer), Wantagh, NY
Laura, It was a great presentation. I loved how you incorporated metaphysical concepts along with common sense thinking. We’ll definitely have you back!
— Joanne Coelho co-founder of Center for Intuitive Arts and Therapies, Hicksville NY
Laura is AMAZING!!! Chock full of USEFUL knowledge!! Her perspective on the physical space as well as spiritual aspects, truly opened my eyes!! Her take on everything is so insightful!! I highly recommend Laura!! She is truly a gem!!
— Deborah. B, (Interior Designer at The Final Touch), Syosset, NY
Your notes were a tremendous help! Thank you. It was very detailed and right in line with the guidance I am looking for. I really look forward to working with you going forward on colors and furniture layout of the house as well as the property itself.
— Sue, Long Island, NY (constructing a brand new house)
I chose Laura to help me redesign my space after a big life change. From our first emails, Laura was knowledgeable, generous and fast. Laura approached my space from all the areas of her expertise: interior design, feng shui and a deep respect for the individual within her space. Our time spent together was inspired, as we walked through my home she brought clarity to issues I didn’t even know were there and even before I received her report, began making changes. The report I received from her was detailed, thoughtful and incredibly generous. Her follow up policy has been invaluable. I love being in my home now and having people over. I have gotten endless compliments on my home now, people tell me the energy has completely changed. I really just wanted my apartment to look cohesive and make sure I was harnessing as much positive energy as possible. I couldn’t have anticipated how much of a personal shift I have made since working with Laura Cerrano. I recommend her highly.
— Kim. T (Published Author and Make-up Artist), New York City, NY
I attended a brief workshop that Laura offered and in just two hours, gained valuable insights that empowered me to make changes in my home. Already my home feels fresher, more balanced, and more vibrant than ever before. I look forward to working with Laura one-on-one in the future and highly recommend her services!
— Heather. L (Attended a library Feng Shui Workshop), Sherman Oaks, CA
Excellent introduction to Feng Shui! Laura Cerrano gave a very informative presentation explaining the basic concepts, in addition to touching on more advanced topics of Feng Shui. Thank you Laura
— Paul John, Workshop Attendee, Center for Intuitive Arts and Therapies, Hicksville NY
I felt a lifestyle change I went from being depressed in bed to embracing new changes, healed from depression, became spiritually, emotionally and mentally confident even in new surroundings. I also became more physically active. I started to eat more healthy and also was and am being surrounded by positive network of friends and the negative ones disappeared. I felt more confident communicating with others. There are not enough words that can express how beneficial and rewarding in applying the principals of Feng Shui has been in my life. Feng Shui is one of those things that you have to try or give it a chance before opinionating.
— Yoelia. V (Coast Guard), Rhode Island
Debbie and I met Laura at a health fair and were immediately attracted to her personality and ‘mindful’ presentation of materials – we instantly asked her to consider speaking at our Cancer Wellness Retreat with confidence that our guests would be as enamored with this subject as we were. When Laura learned what Strength for Life was about the wheels were in motion and she thought that a sage smudging would be an excellent addition to our weekend. A few of the guests were currently undergoing chemotherapy and Laura suggested they smudge after each therapy session. Laura demonstrated the proper protocol for a smudging – and each guest was given a supply of white sage to perform the ritual at home. At the conclusion of the smudging she told them that with a pure intention – there is no wrong way, alleviating any fear of trying a smudging on their own. Laura put together packets of information for each guest explaining the Bagua, the use of colors, placement, design, simple Feng Shui tips and information on the ‘5 Element Theory’ etc. The ‘aha- moments’ continued for many, and with each ‘potential problem area that we exposed Laura had a quick solution giving peace of mind to all. The information and presentation was above and beyond what we hoped – our sincere thanks for adding this dimension to our retreat.
— Jacqueline. E, Strength For LIfe Co-founder, Long Island, NY
Dear Laura, From the moment you walked into my apartment you brought a feeling of calmness. Since your visit and the Space Clearings, so much has gone on in my life. I am in the process of tying up loose ends as you suggested and I can see better communication with past friends and new ones. Your simple tip about moving the bed away from the wall so energy can flow around equally on both sides and explaining why, has opened up relationship with so many people. I think it is absolutely amazing how your home really does relate to your surroundings. Thank you also for helping me get my love life underway. You suggested simple changes to my bedroom and to ‘get my self out there’, and I did! I met a beautiful woman online and we are dating now..Thank you! It was such a pleasure working with you and I wish you the best Laura.
— Stephen Bates, New York City, NY
Dear Laura, I felt an instant change in my home after the Feng Shui consultation and space cleaning you did. Other people have noticed it as well. Since our consultation a month ago I have just been promoted in my position and I’m making more money then I have imagined. I believe you have a true gift in life and a warm caring attitude. Thank you so much for every thing you have done.
— Martina Rose Diaz, Forest Hills, NY
Dear Laura, I am writing this letter to thank you for the Feng Shui consultation you provided for me. From the moment you left my home, I sensed a sense of peace that was not there before and that night was the first time I slept calmly in several years, Since our consultation, amazing things continue to come our way. My fiancé was able to open the business of his dreams and is already talking about expanding. For me, the consultation helped me to also expand my consulting business, which has doubled in income and also allows me to help more children and families. Above all what I really loved about you is that you are truly committed to your client’s success. You have been more than generous in following up with me to ensure that we achieved our goals and I can see that you and Carole do this work with so much love and compassion, for your clients. Our consultation affirmed our belief that anything and everything is possible when you set your mind to it. I believe that’s what Feng Shui is about, putting your intentions out to the universe, being open to receive, and being grateful for what we receive. I am certainly grateful to have met Laura and will certainly be recommending you to all my friends who having watched this process unfold, are now firm believers.
— Maria P. (Co-founder of Omni Martial Arts), Omni Martial Arts, Queens NY
Just want to thank you for the tremendous program this afternoon at the Cutchogue Library. It must be a challenge to talk to a group, not necessarily knowing beforehand how experienced the members are. You hit just the right notes. I’m very grateful that you shared your expertise! I cannot begin to tell you how great your program was.
— Edna C. (Librarian), Cucthouge, NY
Laura, I very much appreciate your help and wisdom in teaching the beautiful ancient art of Feng Shui during our consultation. Within three weeks I received a substantial raise at my job and I am now able to afford that wonderful vacation I always wanted. I can’t thank you enough for all your help, kindness and follow-ups.
— Linda Sommers, New York City, NY
feng shui butterfly logo feng shui manhattan.jpeg
Laura clearly explained to me the basics of Feng Shui and gave me tons of easy-to-implement ideas for improving my household. Immediately, I felt better about my home environment and soon after, I started to see real positive change in numerous areas of my life. Laura really cares about her clients and draws on several disciplines in order to help you succeed in whatever area of your life you’re looking to improve. I was new to Feng Shui and found that much of her guidance made real practical sense. Guests now comment on my house and pay me lots of compliments. More importantly, I feel better about my space because items, colors, and symbols around the house are keeping me in line with the goals I’ve set out for myself. I highly recommend Laura!
— Aldo P. (Comedy Writer and Film Director), Los Angeles, CA
Dear Laura, I really didn’t know much about Feng Shui when I called you for a consultation. You enlighten me to a new way of thinking and feeling. I am a better parent now. My children are calmer and happier and my overall health has improved. You have made a tremendous difference in my life. Thank you for your knowledge and your kindness.
— Susan Kaplan, Astoria, NY
Hi Laura, Working with you Laura was truly a blessing. I learned so much within the three hours we spent together. You were so patient when teaching me about Feng Shui and detailed with my entire home and yard when assessing and suggesting changes, which were so easy to do. I sincerely appreciate you also acknowledging my other spiritual teachers and working together as a team with them and myself to help me along my path in life. You are a natural at what you do, never stop. I have already recommended you to two other people, you surly will be placed in my ‘helpful’ people section. Thank you again and blessings to you.
— Cara Atlas (College Student), Bronx, NY
Laura, it was a pleasure meeting you. I not only learned a lot, but I enjoyed your presentation as well. The information was easy to follow and remember, thank you.
— Michelle (Laffy Fine Home Real Estate Agent), Greenvale, NY
Laura, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave for our Sisterhood group last Tuesday at South Huntington Jewish Center.It was so interesting and very informative. I spoke with several people afterwards and we are all anxious to beginner journey into the art of Feng Shui design and how to incorporate it into our homes and everyday life.You taught us well! I will definitely be referring you to anyone who wants to do private consults and learn more about Feng Shui. Thank you again for your wonderful expertise and very informative explanations and answers to our many questions!
— Sherri Simon (Program Director at SHJC), Huntington, NY
Laura is the person to turn to for all things Feng Shui. She is not only professional in what she does but very supportive and caring.
— Kathy S. (Youtube Follower), Manchester, TN
Thank you so much Laura and thank you for your suggestions. I have to say that since the day you left I noticed certain things happening already. The day after I saw you I received Tibetan prayers in the mail from my friend. I found the perfect place for the dresser in my bedroom and the following day I found a missing mailbox key I had no clue I had and needed before leaving for my trip. Thanks you so much again for being so supportive. Love and hugs.
— Gabi (College Student), Brooklyn, NY
Laura, Just to let you know. Your energy has me on a mission. I have totally cleaned by the front door, den, my closet, the kitchen. I am totally on fire. Thank you.
— Ben (Fine Artist), East Hampton, NY
I am so grateful I met Laura. She is a wealth of information. She shares her knowledge of feng shui to create an environment just right for the client and their needs. All her suggestions are easy to implement whether you are new to these teachers or advanced. This was my first time learning about feng shui. Laura suggested for me to add a certain color in my kitchen for enhancing the energy flow and in other rooms, small object that would inspire me on deeper levels of awareness. Once I made those simple changes, I feel a shift in energy. Even my pets seems to become more energized as they are especially attuned to the energy. I highly recommend working with Laura Cerrano
— Debbie .J, (functional physical therapist), Long Island, NY