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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

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Below are frequently asked questions in regard to feng shui and the consultation process/fees.  


What Is Feng Shui? 

Feng Shui is a 5,000 year old Art and Metaphysical Science that promotes living a wholistic lifestyle. Origins of Feng Shui where first recorded during the Tang Dynasty in China. The Form School and Compass Method are among the first Feng Shui practices to be utilized.  Today, Feng Shui is evolving into a universal language that is literally bridging diverse cultural beliefs and lifestyles from around the world. So what is Feng Shui? In essence, you are purposely participating in changing the energetic frequencies of your home, land and self to align with your life's natural rhythms. This could be accomplished through various techniques (Ba-gua Map readings, Flying Stars. Bazi-charts, Compass Method, Five Elements, Bau-Biology, etc). The benefits? You increase greater success in wealth with all spectrums of life, health, creativity, love, inner harmony and so much more! 

How Much Does Feng Shui Consultation Cost?

Laura Cerrano provides several Feng Shui consultations to choose from. It’s best to visit the Feng Shui Consultation page to review and read each page in its entirety to understand the feng shui services provided, along with process and fees.

 Contact Us directly to clarify any remaining questions 

How Can I Benefit From Feng Shui?

Literally, in all ways. No matter how big or small the changes made, you could always benefit (even the skeptics). Over the years in practice since 1997, we have seen Feng Shui:

  • Attract romance and authentic relationships

  • Find a career you love and connect with your life's purpose

  • Nurture your family and reduce stress

  • Heal from the loss of loved ones

  • Offer wholistic assisted healing and support with fertility, chronic illness, chemotherapy and health related treatments

  • Enhance the growth of your business and increase the overall revenue

  • Bridge cultural divides through diplomatic discussions from a Feng Shui perspective

  • Improve the overall energy for your health, finances, and much more!

I'm looking to purchase a home or move into an Apartment. Could you provide a Real Estate Assessment? 

Yes. If just looking for an on-site real estate assessment to see if the location you are interested in would be a good move for you, that service is available. Please contact Laura for more information.  

Can the Changes be Instantly?

Yes, and I say that from my own experiences with feng shui and reported experiences from clients. Science is in the process of discovering and understanding how this happens. Each person time frame for change will be different and that can vary due to if the person is trully open and ready to particpate in the needed change. 

When Is The Best Time to Schedule a Feng Shui Consultation? 

Anytime is the best time! The most common reasons feng shui consultations are requested could be if a person is feeling "stuck" on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. The reasons could range from the need to increase finances, start or maintain a healthy career, travel more or manifest a "soul mate." Sometimes there could be more intimate requests such as for assisted help with fertility treatments and other wellness/medical situations. On a more practical level, feng shui consultations are requested from clientele who need feng shui guidance during a real estate development project or for remodeling a home or office space.  Perhaps they need a "fresh start" with some simple tips and suggestions or just want a space clearing and Blessing Ritual. Bottom line, you know when it's needed in your life and you just need to be committed to the process. 

Is a Feng Shui Consultant, Expert, and Master Considered a Life Coach?

Yes, yes, and yes. Much of the advice shared with you could be a blend of Feng Shui studies (a particular practice or combination), first hand life experiences, and the life coach learning through the power of grace and sharing that information with you. Feng Shui helps to identify additional unconscious challenges ('negative programs') that are looping within a person's mind. There have been situations where the Feng Shui inside a home and office is right on point, but the mindset of the client, behavior and/or balance of emotions is not, which creates blockages. This is why spiritual psychology, Shamanism, emotional intelligence and other forms of healing are very beneficial and complementary to the practice of Feng Shui. The goal of the consultant (to their discretion) is to establish a method of teaching Feng Shui that is easy for each individual client to understand, implement and maintain. 

What Method Of Feng Shui Is Best?

It depends on what method of Feng Shui you believe in. Our practice utilizes several forms of Feng Shui including Ba-gua Map Readings, The Five Elements, Bön Buddhist Tradition, Shamanism, Mystery School and Emotional Intelligence, as to name a few.. It's always a great idea to conduct your own research and call your local certified consultant to help clarify questions you may have in regards to understanding what is the best method or combination of methods for you.

What Type of Feng Shui Consultation Services Do you Offer?

Our Feng Shui practice works with a variety of homes ( e.g. single and multi-level, studio apartments, 1-3 bedroom apartments, condos, co-ops, brownstones, historical buildings, house boats), businesses (e.g. small eateries, restaurants, cafe's, retail stores, Martial Arts Dojo's), office (e.g. doctor offices, PT offices, wellness centers, hospitals), brand new construction (residential and commercial), remodeling projects, review and feng shui guidance for entire architectural blue prints and floor plans, towns, villages and so much more! Please visit Feng Shui Consultations to view all feng shui services offered. 

Do You Charge By The Size (square footage) of My Home or Office?

Each Feng Shui Consultant will charge differently. Let that be by flat rate, hourly rate, or by the square footage. Visit our Feng Shui Consultations page directly to view services and fees or Contact Us directly.

Do You Offer Weekend Discounts? 

We do not offer weekend discounts.  Visit our Feng Shui Consultations page directly to view services and fees or Contact Us directly.

Do You Need a Compass to Practice Feng Shui?

Depending on the method of Feng Shui you believe in, that answer could be yes or no. If you are using the Lou Pan (Classical Feng Shui), than yes. If you are using the Ba-gua Map method, than no (and the directions are still integrated into the map). It's important to remember, the teachings of Feng Shui derive from energy, which is in everything! This includes the Earth, the cosmos, objects, sound and color frequencies, our own heartbeat, aura vibrations and thought patterns. We live in a multi-dimensional universe where past, current and future moments are constantly blending together to help us grow and ascend.  

Does Feng Shui Really Work?

Based on my years of study, being in practice, living the lifestyle daily and being a witness to my client's and student's life transformations, I humbly respond, Yes it does work. I am currently woking on a book to help offer scientific data and discussion. For the time bering, please feel free to read our testimonials page. Honestly, the best way to know if feng shui works, is to be open minded and experience Feng Shui for yourself. 

Is Feng Shui a Religion?

Feng Shui is not a religious practice. It could however include your own personal beliefs, practice of faith and/or spiritual practices. This means, you share the practice of faith you personally believe in and the feng shui consultant can utilize that terminology and symbolism when appropriate to customize the suggestions. I work with clients who practice Christianity, Catechism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Voodooism (just another word for spirituality), Atheism and more. Feng Shui is a lifestyle that helps you to develop healthier habits and practices in all that you do while enhancing your inner feng shui and outer feng shui enviroments. 

Do I Have to Repaint My House or Some Rooms to Promote Good Feng Shui?

No, you do not have to in Western or in Classical Feng Shui practices. You could add accents of color (just a touch) to help enhance the energy flow. If your budget allows the option to paint and you are in the market to paint, then go for it! 

How Long Does It Take Before I See Results?

Every client is unique, which means time frames for results vary. We have recorded results taken place within seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, to a full year from the date of the initial feng shui consultation. Much of the outcome is cultivated by from how willing the client is with participating in the process of inner work and changes they impleentn to the home or office. 

Are you an Interior Designer? 

No. My main focus and specialty is Feng Shui-ing your home, office, and land to help increases the spiritual and energetic flow of energy. Are aspects of interior design integrated into the Feng Shui-ing process and consultation? Yes. It's important to note, for anyone looking to fully remodel their home, combining a Feng Shui Consultation with the service of an interior designer, is strongly recommended. The interior designer provides access to physical furnishings, curation, procurement and installation. As a team, we'll complete the project. If you need recommendation, that can be provided for Long Island, NY. I am in the process of connecting with New York City Designers and Los Angeles Designers. 

You Are a Bi-costal Consulting Firm ( New York and California). How Can I Schedule a Consultation?

Simply Contact Us. Even though our feng shui practice has expanded beyond New York City and Long Island boarders, this does not mean we are in-accessible. We established a second office in Los Angeles, California due to the increased volume of requests for our services within that region of the United States. We visit the Los Angeles office every other month to provide feng shui workshops, classes, seminars and private consultations. As with any scheduling procedure, just let us know the time frame you are seeking to set up your feng shui consultation and we'll inform you if you need to know of any travel plans to and from NY or California.