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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

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Certified Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano provides weekly Feng Shui Tips and insights, paired with the latest scientific studies, discussions about additional supportive healing modalities and healthier lifestyle choices for the body, mind and spirit.

What Is An Intention? And How Can You Increase Your Manifestation Powers?

Laura Cerrano

What is an intention? Gary Zukav shares, “ it's a motivation for doing what you're doing. It’s an energy that infuses the DEED or the WORD.” To further this understanding of intention(s), you need to ask yourself, are you setting intentions from a place of LOVE or FEAR? This could mean are you doing something because you seek recognition to feel better about yourself (FEAR) or because you have something you wish to share and contribute to life and with others (LOVE). 

To provide a foundation to build from, I invite you to read and test out 5 tips to increasing your manifesting powers below. 


1. Planting your “Seeds” of Intentions

Your seeds of intentions come from LOVE, which is a deep inner knowing of what drives you to do what you do on this earth. Yet, if are unable to drill that deep right now, start simple and remember, that is still very POWERFUL. “A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step” -Lao Tzu. Through the engagement of your eyes, brain, spoken words, your heart, and actions you refine your focus of attention. Using the BTB Ba-gua Map as a guide, you could refer to the various life sections (wealth, health, career, etc) to become more specific with what you envision to manifest. This is an exercise I conduct with all my clients.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 12.53.47 PM.png

In regard to writing, does it matter if you write out your intentions on the computer vs with pen and paper? Actually, yes it does!

  • According to a study performed at the Indiana University, writing by hand unleashes creativity not easily accessed in any other way. Old fashioned writing by hand increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, much like meditation.


  • Sequential hand movements is also noted to activate large regions of the brain responsible for thinking, language, healing, and working memory.


Remember this, “where attention goes, energy flows.


2. Allow your Home to Become a Reflection of Your Intentions

From a Feng Shui perspective, your home becomes a metaphor of your life. This means the artwork and objects you choose to display (consciously and subconsciously) are telling a story. They are also conveying a mood, an idea, and stirring up emotions that could either be beneficial or draining. 

Think of your home as a LIVING SPACE, not just a space you live in. As you become more focused with your intentions, the images, objects and OVERALL atmosphere of your home evolves step-by-step to align with your personal energetic rhythm. 


3. Exchange The Old for The New

Decluttering your home becomes a literal and symbolic gesture for welcoming in new beginnings and maintaining a steady flow of positive energy. This process of decluttering goes way beyond creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Psychologists refer to objects inside your home as “emotional memories.” If you have an overload of memories that no longer add value to your life, you could become emotionally, physically, and energetically “stuck.” 

Anything you no longer need, use, or love, let it go. You could become a helpful person by donating those items, while also learning how to release attachments from people, memories, and habits that no longer serve your best and highest good.  

EMPTY OUT physically and emotionally as needed to make room for what awaits your spiritual growth. 

4. Detach Yourself from the Outcome

Let go of your expectations in how your intentions manifest. In the words of Deepak Chopra, “By detaching, you free yourself from fear and doubt and release the obstacles your ego has created.”  Consider this analogy, when farmers plant their seeds to grow crops, they are not constantly hovering over them. Of course they nurture the seeds with water and check the soil to make sure it's rich and fertile. At the same time they are tending to other tasks on the farm. Over time, the seedlings germinate, sprout and grow larger every day until it's time to be harvested. Think of this, as your intentions. 

Allow yourself to cultivate more energy and wider possibilities by not forcing your intentions into reality. Do all that you can within your own actions, while staying open to the opportunities, synchronicities unfolding around you, and at times divine intervention.


5. Connect to The Feelings of Your Intentions

Though your feelings create the experience of your intentions before they exist.  Let’s say you have been envisioning a new authentic relationship. Have you asked yourself what it would feel like to have your partner embrace you, to kiss you softly on the lips, to hold you hand as you a walk in the park? What would it feel like when he or she compliments you? Are they playful, witty, sarcastic?  How does if feel when his or her body is gently pressed against yours while sleeping beside you? Yes, your imagination is required. 

According to scientist, Greg Braden, as you allow yourself to feel the emotions of your intentions, you create a quality of language between your heart and your brain that extends beyond your body into the physical world. 

Caring for your heart chakra (and all chakras) by meditating, practicing proper breathing and releasing emotions that do not align with your intentions, is in your best interest. 

Feng Shui expert with 21+ years of experience. She provides bicoastal consultations and workshops for residential, real estate developments, Fortune 500 companies, and healing facilities. She is currently conducting research for her upcoming book that focuses on bridging the gap between the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui and modern day science to establish the practice of Feng Shui as a credible form of health care.