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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

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Certified Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano provides weekly Feng Shui Tips and insights, paired with the latest scientific studies, discussions about additional supportive healing modalities and healthier lifestyle choices for the body, mind and spirit.

5 Ba-gua Map Life Sections Not to Be Ignored When Feng Shui-ing Your Home

Laura Cerrano

photo credit by  Ben Garratt

photo credit by Ben Garratt

Feng Shui is estimated to be around 5,000 years old. It’s a lifestyle practice that provides environmental healing for the body, mind and spirit by harmonizing your home and office. The Ba-gua map is one of many tools utilized to help identify strengths and weaknesses within those given spaces. It also provides the opportunity to illuminate insights into the conscious and sub-conscious minds of those occupants as the home and work environments become metaphors of one's life.  

The Ba-gua map is a grid of nine life section which can be laid upon an entire floor plan or single room. By doing this, it helps to explain which areas of a home influences specific areas of your life. The four most common Feng Shui life sections addressed in written articles and spoken about on television and radio include wealth, health, love and career.

These life sections of course appeal to our senses immediately due to their concepts, yet there are five equally important life sections that need your attention. They include family, reputation (fame), creativity, helpful people and wisdom. It’s important to remember these life sections may look separate on the Ba-gua map, yet they are all interconnected, influencing one another.  Below is an overview of the five most commonly ignored life sections on the Ba-gua Map from a conceptual Feng Shui perspective.


1. Family and Ancestors

One of the easiest ways to address this life section inside your home is by displaying happy family photos. Of course, be sure the selected images of those family members are truly supportive of you. You could also use symbolic references that tap into your ancestral heritage. As an adoptee from Colombia, I don’t know my biological family’s background, yet I have always had an intuitive interest with various indigenous cultures. From that, I have researched stories and symbolic meanings, utilizing that information in my life and home as a means to assist in reconnecting with my biological heritage from South America. 


2. Wisdom, Spirituality and Knowledge

Photo Credit:  Ashley Batz

Photo Credit: Ashley Batz

Wisdom, also referred to as spirituality and knowledge, is a fascinating life section that allows you the opportunity to refine and develop stronger intuition and self-growth in all areas of your life. Begin by asking yourself, what daily routines have I adopted to positively improve my “inner Feng Shui?” Become more mindful with whom allow inside your circle of influence. Are they adding value to your life or draining your energy? Have you made time to learn those new topics of interest that has been repetitively ‘dropping’ into your mind? These are quick insights in how to take action with nurturing your spirit and expanding your wisdom. 

In regard to your home, become open and receptive in connecting with your personal practice of faith or whatever you choose to believe in. Displaying word art (positive affirmations from those who truly inspire you) or visual cues, such as with images or statues that references your beliefs are options to help harness wisdom, spirituality and knowledge. This is especially important when navigating challenging times in life. 


3. Reputation and Fame

This life section is also referred to as fame and do to that title, some people may associate this Feng Shui concept it with being selfish. I invite you to be receptive to a different perspective when addressing reputation; “how you see yourself, is how others see you.” Essentially, when you are making changes to the overall dynamic configuration of your home, your personality and dreams are being expressed simultaneously though your conscious and subconscious minds. This allows you to establish stronger environmental metaphors within your home that align with your true authentic self. 

To begin the process of revealing a clearer reflection of you, it’s a common suggestion to declutter. By clearing away items that no longer represent the unneeded past, you are creating room for greater self-expansion and expression. 


4. Creativity and Children

This life section associates with children and that does not have to be taken so literally. Allowing your own inner child to be playful and spontaneous is essential during the process of manifesting and transforming. Activities could include painting, dancing, music, cooking, writing or even partaking in fun social outings.  Embracing this Feng Shui concept is also giving yourself permission to create a work-life balance. From a scientific viewpoint, CNN reports engaging in creative ventures protects neuron growth by promoting the production of new neurons, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy central nervous system and can assist in preventing Alzheimer’s.

Addressing creativity and children from within your home from a more practical approach could be accomplished by displaying photos of your children, if you have them. Or you could utilize more accented colors throughout your furnishings that suit your personality. Even the display of musical instruments and playing music is a wonderful addition.


5. Helpful People and Travel

Photo credit:  Jonathan Simcoe

Photo credit: Jonathan Simcoe

The energy of helpful people could be of service by jump-starting the other life sections. How so? Chances are, if you need help with getting a promotion at work or improving health you’ll need assistance at some point in time. Asking for help is essential when making positive changes in your life, yet some could feel it’s a sign of weakness. Please know, it's not. If anything, it’s empowering and it gives you options on how to resolve a challenging situation and cultivate new ideas; “Ask and you shall receive.”

In regard to acknowledging helpful people within your home feel free to display images or gifts given to you by those who are truly helpful in your life. They could be friends, family, co-workers or even acquaintances. For those who wish to combine a more metaphysical approach, you could call upon “unseen” sources for help. Common references could include Jesus, Buddha, various Arch angels or what ever you personally believe in.

To enhance travel energy think about one to three top places you envision traveling to. Write them down and research your choices. If you wish, you could even display a world map inside your home to promote more travel. Release the worry of, “I don't have enough money or time for travel; “where attention goes, energy flows.” If you truly believe in the need for adventure or vacation, time and finances will find either a practical or creative way to align with that request.

Have fun, be creative and playful with your approach to Feng Shui. It’s a step by step process that can be pleasantly surprising when you allow yourself to be open and receptive to change.