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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

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Feng Shui Tip: Become Unstuck By Fixing Your Broken Doors

Laura Cerrano

A great and easy way to help enhance the energy within your home is by making sure (to the best of your ability), that all doors are functioning properly. 

Why is this important in feng shui?

To start, the front door is called, "the mouth of chi." This is where all good energy, opportunities and anything else you envision literally or intentionally could have full access to you through your home or office environments. Doors in general are connected to the metaphor of voices (communication). 

Quick Check List For Healthy Doors:

  • your door opens and closes without being stuck
  • door knobs turn with ease
  • the door is not broken or chipped with it's over all look 

This is a very practical approach to feng shui, yet you can see the greater importance of the metaphor connected to these mundane remedies.