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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

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Listening To The Consciousness of Your Home

Laura Cerrano

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When people hear the words, “Feng Shui,” most tend to pair this method of healing with the concepts of furniture arrangement. Some may expand on the discussion a bit further by saying its a form of energy and after that, the conversation tends to pitter out because it’s still perceived as a mysterious practice. And this type of response is not exclusive to the everyday masses. This perception of Feng Shui stretches into the healing community itself. Observing these interactions, it’s obvious the discussion of Feng Shui needs a new language or one that already exists to better educate and honor the integrity and value of this practice.

Holding this intention close to my heart, I continued expanding my education beyond the world of Feng Shui, with a gradual interest toward Sound Healing. I’ve heard of Sound Healing, experienced it, and was so intrigued by the practice, I finally connected with teachers to help me explore it more in depth. What I learned from day one through my sound healing class surprised me in such a profound way, it’s provided me with the start of a new language in how to introduce and teach Feng Shui. On the first day of sound healing class, my teachers introduced the group to a sound healing exercise that emphasized listening.

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We listened to each others stories in how we came to be within the class and through this very act, it allowed us to entrain with the frequencies of our partner, the entire group, and our overall surroundings.

Experiencing conscious listening provided me with a reawakening to the understanding of what it means to have a present mind and open heart, which inspired a new perspective on how Feng Shui could be introduced and discussed. Taking this new found inspiration and insight, I began reviewing various other healing methods and soon enough it became obvious. One of the very first foundations for any healing to take place, is to LISTEN. This could be translated in the most literal sense, such as by listening to what a person is saying and being fully present with them as they share their story.

In the metaphysical community, we call this, ‘holding space.’ Holding space begins by listening to a person’s story without judgment or assumptions. You are simply listening, and that alone can be powerful medicine.


In the practice of Feng Shui, this is the very first step before providing a consultation, let that be for an onsite or long distance session. I hold space for my client and provide a safe platform for them to share their story in regard to what intentions (reason for change) and challenges they wish to express. As they share, I listen, and listen, and listen. We go through the history of the home, to the first impression they registered upon entering into that space, to a more in depth review of the gua’s ( 9 life categories on the bagua map). With each story they share, another layer of awareness is peeled back and through that information gathered, it provides guidance on how to proceed with connecting to the consciousness of that person’s home.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 9.19.07 AM.png

How so? The home becomes a metaphor of that person and their life experiences. By helping the client tune into the consciousness of their home, they intern have the opportunity to learn more about themselves. And through the ‘re-arrangement’ of items, the selection of specific objects, colors, and elements, they begin to create a new narrative of their life’s story. By them choosing to participate in making changes, this engagement encourages and promotes the groundwork for increased self-awareness, spiritual growth, improved self-esteem, stronger healthy levels of assertiveness, and so much more! Much of the changes depends on the clients intentions and reasons for expressing the need to change. Feng Shui-ing their home allows for a safe space to practice these changes and maintain that support.

Remember the word, maintain - to care for. Feng Shui is not a one time ‘fix.’ It requires nurturing, sometimes even digging deeper and sifting through some heavy hitter topics that could be keeping you stuck, while providing assisted support in having the courageousness to face them head on. You may also need the assistance of other healing practices (let that be western or eastern).

To put this discussion in a more tangible way, ask yourself, do you maintain and care for your own body? I hope so, because your body is constantly changing. The body you had at 20 years of age is different from a body at age 50. It requires a new sense of awareness to help operate it at its optimal levels. This is the same for your living and working environments through the lens of Feng Shui.

As you grow and transform, so will your surroundings and the consciousness of your home and self, as nothing is separate.

Synchronicity: Through the Lens of Feng Shui

Laura Cerrano

Synchronicity happens on a daily basis, if you choose to pay attention. The most commonly referenced example of this is when you think about a friend or family member and then all of a sudden, they just happen to call within that very same moment.

According to Swiss psychologist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, he described synchronicity “as a glimpse into the hidden order of the universe; coincidences that link mind and matter and cannot be explained by cause and effect.” Jung explored the phenomenon of synchronicity through spirituality, the paranormal and metaphysical teachings, such as with the I-Ching. Since his time, modern day scientist have begun to advance his original research. To start, you could check out: “What does Science have to say about Synchronicity? Surprising Results” (interview conducted in 2012) and “The Science Behind Coincidence” written in 2018.

With that said, below is two brief synchronistic stories of Feng Shui occurrences that recently unfolded in my life and through observations with others.

Synchronistic Stories of Feng Shui

On the morning of February 23rd, 2019, one of the first thoughts that formulated within my mind upon waking up was, “I’d like to purchase a small gift to raffle off at the end of my Feng Shui workshop for the Montebello Library.” Within less than a minute, that seedling of an idea dissipated. As the rest of the day built momentum, I continued with tending to business emails, marketing, and fine tuning other projects I’ve been working on.

Fast forwarding to my travels toward the Montebello Library, I kept an eye out for a nursery garden store to purchase a small succulent as the raffle gift. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the garden store, so I let the search go as not to be late.  I arrived at the Library about 45 minutes prior to the scheduled workshop start time.

Once inside the Montebello Library, the program director, Beth, greeted me right away. She had a bubbly, energetic personality. After a quick formal greeting, we wasted no time setting up the program room for the workshop. Mid-way through arranging the room, Beth turned toward me and said “ You know what’s so interesting about the start of today? I was trying to find something Feng Shui related to give away after the workshop ended and low and behold, TWO Feng Shui books were donated this very morning.” I turned to Beth and said, “that's amazing! I was trying to find a store where I could purchase a small succulent plant to gift away and it seems universe had something even better planned.”


Keep Reading, there’s another part to this story……

One of the patrons who attended the Montebello workshop, also attended a previous workshop I hosted the weekend before at the Norwalk Library. Due to whatever reason, she was only able to catch the last 10 minutes of that particular presentation. She and I briefly spoke at the conclusion of the Norwalk Library Workshop and she excitedly began sharing, “coming here is a sign of synchronicity for me! You spoke about the concepts of creativity, which is a topic of great discussion within my life right now! And the fact that you’ll be presenting at the Montebello Library, is perfect! Because I’ll be visiting and staying with my daughter that weekend in Montebello, so I can attend that workshop in its entirety!!.”


And guess what?!….She did attend the Montebello Library workshop AND also WON one of the donated Feng Shui books!!

Synchronicity, again!!

I invite you to think about some synchronistic events that have unfolded before your eyes? Let that be from past or most recently. They happen every single day and by acknowledging them, it allows more of that momentum of being in the flow to continue.