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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

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Certified Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano provides weekly Feng Shui Tips and insights, paired with the latest scientific studies, discussions about additional supportive healing modalities and healthier lifestyle choices for the body, mind and spirit.

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Modern Day and Spiritual Sciences of a Solar Eclipse

Laura Cerrano

Photo by Photo by  Paul Rysz  on  Unsplash  

Photo by Photo by Paul Rysz on Unsplash 

On Monday, August 21st, the Moon will obscure the Sun. The eclipse won’t last long, so you’ll want to be sure you’re ready to watch at the precise time when it will peak. Click on Solar Eclipse Schedule to find out more. It's also very important that you protect your eyes. Visit Solar Eclipse 2017 Safety to find out how. 

Is this a big deal? Ya! Well, maybe to some. It's been 38 years since the last totally visible Solar Eclipse happened in the United States of America. What is a Solar Eclipse? This is when the moon moves between the sun and Earth. When this happens, the moon blocks the light of the sun from reaching Earth. This causes an eclipse of the sun, or solar eclipse. During a solar eclipse, the moon casts a shadow onto Earth.


There are three types of Solar Eclipse:

1. The first is a total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse is only visible from a small area on Earth.

2. The second is a partial solar eclipse. This happens when the sun, moon and Earth are not exactly lined up.

3. The third type is an annular (ANN you ler) solar eclipse. An annular eclipse happens when the moon is farthest from Earth.


Photo by  Andrew Preble  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Preble on Unsplash

Can a Solar Eclipes have a psychological effect on humans? According to NASA solar eclipses, “have always been capable of producing profound psychological effects.”

Let's take a look at how this could be from a spiritual perspective. In astrology, eclipses offer a surge of energy for personal growth. Specifically, eclipses are a time of rapid change, either from internal or external circumstances. These changes could come a bit easier if you are already working on yourself. In essences, its said that we are forced to face change in a way that might be uncomfortable, but that ultimately lead to maturity.


Laura Cerrano is a Full-time Certified Feng Shui expert with 20+ years of experience. She provides bi-coastal consultations and workshops for residential, real estate developments, Fortune 500 companies, and healing facilities. She is currently conducting research for her upcoming book that focuses on bridging the gap between the ancient wisdom of the East and modern day science. The intention for these collaborative studies is to establish the practice of Feng Shui as a credible form of healthcare.