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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.


Feng Shui Manhattan Blog

Certified Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano provides weekly Feng Shui Tips and insights, paired with the latest scientific studies, discussions about additional supportive healing modalities and healthier lifestyle choices for the body, mind and spirit.

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Let Go of Expectations when Feng Shui-ing your Home and Life

Laura Cerrano


Let go of expectations! This may sound counter intuitive yet there is truth to the statement.  Of course set your intentions and take the necessary actions to assist in nurturing them. While at the same time releasing your hold on specific outcomes. 

Here is a quick story about a New York client named, Larry whom I worked with in 2012.  One of his main intentions was deciding whether to stay in a relationship or not. He implemented the suggested Feng Shui changes into his apartment and about a month later shared he decided to break up with his girlfriend.  

What?? HOLD ON....What type of Feng Shui-ing is this? 

Now before you jump to judgment, keep this in mind, he already held the intention of should he break up with his girlfriend or not. By him committing to implementing the feng shui changes inside his home, it felt it helped him become clearer with his decision.

             Ready for another twist in the story? 

The following year in 2013, I received an email from a new client who happened to be Larry's ex. I have to say I was very surprised and thought in that moment....OMG what does she want??!! The universe works in mysterious ways, as they say. Long story short, Emma shared the break up with Larry was one of the best decisions for both of them. She saw how amazing he was doing so she figured, why not give feng shui a try. 

So you see, not only is it necessary for the client to let go of expectations, it's also necessary for the feng shui consultant to let go as well. And I am happy to report both are doing great!

Feng Shui for Men and Women Who Do Not Want to Use Pink in the Bedroom

Laura Cerrano

I am working with a client from Santa Monica, CA who is in the process of Feng Shui-ing his bedroom. It's usually suggested to use pink in the bedroom because it associates with the energy of "partnership." It's important to note my client's bedroom is located in the wealth section of his home. This creates a double connection between partnership and wealth. Using the suggested accent colors of wealth was no problem, but using pink to acknowledge partnership did not fit his aesthetics. Taking this into consideration we came up with flexible remedies.

Accent colors of purples, greens, golds, silvers (metallics in general), touches of blues and/or splashes of red help honor the life section of wealth. Each color relates to an element that nurtures the growth of wealth which includes wood, metal, water and fire. Even though none of colors mentioned are pink, when used mindfully they create a soft feeling. This is another way to associate with partnership.  

                                  before                                                                                           after

                                  before                                                                                           after

Looking at the before and after photos you can see the simple changes he made. The small cowboy image was replaced with the "flower of life" drawing. The flower of life has a softer presentation, deeper meaning and displays some of the traditional accent colors of wealth (blues and metallics). He also kept the purple cloth and snake plant, which are wonderful contributors to wealth energy. 

final selection of display

The above photo illustrates his final steps. He removed any additional objects that really had no meaning and reason for being displayed on the dresser top. The two red candles were left as a symbolic gestures for partnership. He also kept his lucid dream journey and the large white candle for ambiance during evening hours. Looking from start to finish, you can see he took his time observing this section of his bedroom. He intuitively and intentionally made changes, while editing as needed until his choices reached its optimal blend of textures, colors and meaningful objects based on the Feng Shui suggestions provided to him.