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Certified NYC Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano has over 20-years of on-site and remote Feng Shui & Design consulting. Consultations, seminars and classes provided in New York City and Los Angeles California, along with National and International locations.

Feng Shui Manhattan Blog

Certified Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano provides weekly Feng Shui Tips and insights, paired with the latest scientific studies, discussions about additional supportive healing modalities and healthier lifestyle choices for the body, mind and spirit.

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Keeping Yourself In Balance

Laura Cerrano

Besides Feng Shui-ing a persons home or work environment, adopting the life-style of Feng Shui could also help shift your internal mindset and overall energy for the better. To help maintain a stronger core of balance in life, consider testing out these suggestions below. 


  • Find a method that works for you. It could be silenced, guided, musical or movement based. 

Examine your negative beliefs:

  • Many times our ego creates situations within our mind that are none existent, which gives rise to unnecessary worry and anxiety. Due to that, it could limit your focus on what is important and positive in life. As the saying goes in Feng Shui, "where attention goes, energy flow."

Learn new responses that are life-enhancing:

  • Instead of being reactive, you could learn how to take a step back and respond with your higher-self vs your emotional-self. Emotions are like the spice of life and they love to heat things up. 

Reduce Stressful Conditions: 

  • Get rid of unnecessary drama. This could include certain habits or behaviors you have adopted. Or perhaps there are certain people who surround you that feed off of a drama. Learn to create boundaries and when you can, place yourself in environments and among people that promote support.

Adopt good sleeping habits and exercise lightly once a day or at least 2-3 times a week: 

  • Ideally, its suggested to get 8 hours of solid sleep every night. As for exercise, find a form that works for you. It could be walking outside, jogging, hiking, lifting weights, swimming, yoga, etc.

Eat Healthy meals:

With so many food options out there, sometimes it could be very tempting to just "grab and go." With practice and self-discipline, you could learn to change those impulsive food behaviors. Including veggies (dark greens), fruits, nuts and lean meats (for those meat eaters) is a great way to help give your body and mind more sustainable fuel throughout the day. Naturally, be mindful of any allergies you may have so you could customize your healthy meals.